Foster Friday

Foster Friday
September 23, 2016 Comments Off on Foster Friday Foster Friday admin


TBH wants to share good stories of our foster families. From time to time, we will have a segment on our blog called Foster Friday.  This week’s segment is about one of our foster homes who recently got back from vacation. They wanted to share a story with TBH about their trip. Here is the summarized letter

….I want to include the best part of the vacation for me. It was while we were sitting at the dining room table and talking about a sand dollar. I shared a story about the sand dollar and after the story, one of the foster children wanted to know how she could have a relationship with God. As we sat on the beach that night after she accepted Christ, I watched the waves roll in and thought how wonderful God’s Grace is and how His love is never failing. The kids were all getting along and wave after wave just kept rolling in. Those waves made me feel so secure in his blessings and his love. That was the best part of vacation for me…..
Hope this message encourages you today.

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