Lilee’s Adoption Story

Lilee’s Adoption Story
March 6, 2018 No Comments TBH Adoptions Jennifer Walker


Spend five minutes with Jeff and Karen Moore and you’ll feel the love radiating from them. Their generosity and care for others is what eventually led them to Texas Baptist Home for Children as a part of our foster care program.

They were licensed in August 2016 and soon after, 9 year old, Lilee was placed. The following year and a half was filled with the ups and downs of foster care. The Moore’s diligently sought out resources and poured themselves into caring for Lilee. The Moores had to learn new tools for parenting and openly accepted help from professionals. Lilee flourished in the Moore home, becoming involved in school activities, sports, and even Improv class. Lilee committed herself to Christ in 2017 and was Baptized at their church. The family actively serves their community and loved being able to include Lilee in serving others. The Moores often provide Respite care for other families as well, welcoming children into their home and treating them as their own for however short a time they are there.


This all led us to February 13, 2018, standing at their county courthouse, waiting for their adoption of Lilee to be finalized. The now 10 year old Lilee, was smiling and full of excitement, wearing a black dress with a pink heart, talking to everybody about cats, funny stories, and the Escape Room they went to for her brother’s birthday. The family was surrounded by members of their church, Lilee’s school teachers, CPS, family, and many others. A testament to the impact Lilee and the Moores have made on their community. Lilee gladly told every person about the presents they had picked out for them because even on her own adoption day, Lilee and the Moore’s were thinking of others. The Moore’s have two biological sons who have accepted Lilee into their family like older brothers do by playfully teasing her but admitting that she is “pretty cool, but don’t tell anyone.”

As the family gathered at the judge’s stand, Lilee held Karen’s hand as she teared up during the testimony. The judge asked Lilee if there was anything she would like to say. Lilee replied, “This is the best and most amazing place I’ve ever been.” The truth of that statement is powerful.

Fostering can be filled with challenges but the beautiful moments far surpass them. When asked if they want to continue fostering, the Moore’s replied “How could we not?” That statement summarizes the Moore’s hearts and dedication to loving on kids who need it. We’ve been blessed by their journey and are thankful that we have many more stories like the Moores where families have answered the call to serve the vulnerable. This is what foster care and adoption is about.


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