Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
June 17, 2016 admin

Job Post: February 6, 2019

Job Title: Foster Care and Adoption Recruiter

Quality Indicators: What’s to be done:

1. Develop and implement a comprehensive recruitment and retention strategy to bring new foster and foster to adopt families into agency operations.
2. Work closely with the FAD Developer to maximize strategy potential.
3. Represent the agency and program at a variety of recruitment events and venues. Build relationships with community stakeholders and potential program partners.
4. Provide support and assistance to potential foster and/or adoptive parents when they are seeking information about the program through following phases of recruitment and
a. Expos
b. JIM Meetings
c. Orientations
d. Other FAD recruitment events

5. Complete supervision with supervisor to monitor the progress of recruitment and retention of new families.
6. Serve as liaison with selected agencies, coordinate services with other community agencies and assist with marketing of TBHC; represent agency in professional manner.
7. Complete and submit all necessary documentation accurately into extended reach. This includes inquiry contacts, data, and statistics in timely fashion.
8. Attend and participate in Foster Care/Adoption staff meetings and training sessions.
9. Assist in building and nurturing a department atmosphere of teamwork, cooperation, and communication; build and nurture relationships with staff members that are characterized by trust, cooperation, and support
10. Participate in and contribute to the success of TBHC agency-wide events: trainings, fund raising events, special emphasis events, board meetings, outreach events and TBHC staff or social events.
11. Participates in PQI activities
12. Required to report any suspected abuse to the Child Abuse Hotline and the Executive Program Administrator or the Administrator’s designee.

Essential Job Functions: How it will be done:

1. Ability to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy of recruitment and successfully recruit new foster/adoptive parents.
2. Ability to work evenings and weekends and be willing to have a flexible schedule.
3. Ability to build collaborative relationships with agencies, stakeholders, and organizations that can become partners with TBHC in the goal of expanding the Foster Care and Adoption programs.
4. Ability to design and implement a tracking system for families in the phases of recruitment.
5. Ability to communicate with a variety of families on their level and meet families where they are.
6. Ability to recognize the cultural differences in families and appropriately adjust the style of interaction/intervention to fit with the client and family.
7. Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with co-workers and supervisor, able to negotiate difficulties in a professional manner.
8. Ability to represent TBHC Foster Care and Adoption in the community in a professional manner.
9. Ability to meet project deadlines or goals.
10. Ability to fulfill the essential job functions of position.


Contact Kelly Saunders at ksaunders@tbhc.org

For future employment opportunities, send resume or questions to Kelly at ksaunders@tbhc.org.