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Adoption Services at TBHC

Matched Adoption Program

TBHC has been licensed with Texas Department of Family Services for adoption since 2002.

We work with Families from the Region 3 area. We work with children that are currently waiting in the foster care system and whose parental rights have been terminated. We work with children all throughout the state of Texas that need to find their forever home.adoption services

Most of these children that are waiting are sibling groups larger than 3, older children (average age 9+), and primary medical needs children. This training and paperwork program to become a verified adoption family is free. This excludes a CPR and First Aid certification and a few other items you will need to verify your home. Families usually spend $200-$600 preparing their home for foster/adoption children. You will not pay TBHC anything, but you will pay directly to the service provider.

Families open to adoption kids ages 0-8+ are welcome to start with Adoption. We require all families to be open to sibling group placements of 2 or more. If you are wanting to adopt under 8, you will start in Foster Care and move to foster to adopt if the child become available for adoption. To hear more about this program and to know why these requirement are in place, please attend one of our information meetings found on the Event Page.

Private Infant Adoption Program

We also currently provide private infant adoption services to prospective adoptive parents and birth families.  We work with birth mothers who have decided to lovingly place their child in adoption. We have a specific training program for these families and we take family inquiries from all over the state of Texas. Our program ranges in cost of $15,000 to $30,000 depending on income. For more information on this program specifically, fill out the inquiry form.

If you are a birth family who needs services, please email or call 972-937-1321.

For All Inquiries
Fill out the inquiry form to receive more information about TBHC’s adoption programs.