Birthmother Testimony

Birthmother Testimony
June 17, 2016 admin

Testimony from a Birthmother

When I arrived at Texas Baptist Home, I did not know what to expect. I was pregnant and also had my two toddlers with me. I knew I could not give the baby I was carrying what he would need from me. I wanted to give my baby the best chance at a life he deserved. I visited with Dawn Tunnell and she gave me some reading material to look over about the different kinds of adoption and a work book with questions in there that were difficult to answer, but helped in acknowledging and confirming that adoption was the best decision for my unborn child.

Dawn and I spoke thoroughly and extensively about the adoption procedures. What kind of adoption plan? I knew I only wanted an open adoption, even though I had heard countless stories of open adoptions gone wrong by other people who went through other adoption agencies. When we figured out the plan, it was time to find my baby’s new family. I was able to look through photo albums of many different people and have a chance to take a look into their lives and see who I wanted to adopt my baby. I looked through three books before I found the family I wanted to adopt my child. As I looked through their photos, I felt a sense of peace like I already knew them. I told Dawn I wanted them to raise my baby.

The family and I exchanged a few letters back and forth before we physically met. In the letters we were able to get to know each other and it gave us something to talk about when we finally met. The day we met, I was so incredibly nervous. I knew they would be too. Once I saw them, I knew they would be wonderful people. We talked for a few hours and as we departed, the adoptive mother turned and said to me “You can breathe now!” and I said to her “So can you!” I had never felt a peace and happiness and excitement for my unborn baby before that day. I knew then my baby was going to be placed with a great family and he would be loved so much.

The adoptive parents and I exchanged letters until the day had come to deliver the baby. They were in the delivery room with me and held my hand as I delivered the baby. When he finally arrived and they were holding him, I noticed a joy I had never seen before. I knew how it felt to hold my baby after being pregnant and anticipating the day we would finally meet. But that day, I experienced another kind of joy, a joy from a couple who anticipated the long arrival not knowing if they would ever be parents. They had instant love in their eyes when they held him and hugged him and just gazed into his eyes. It was the most emotional moment and I was thrilled to be a part of it. They visited me in the hospital while I recovered. I got to spend time with my son before handing him over to them. I even taught the adoptive mother how to swaddle him. That was a bonding time that brought us close and we are still in touch to this day. The baby is two years old now and is thriving in their love and they keep the e-mails I send to show him I made the decision out of love. I get pictures and e-mails frequently and I am so happy for my son and for his adoptive parents!

Thank you Texas Baptist Home for the love and support for both sides of the adoption journey! Thank you Dawn and Jami for all your wisdom and terrific advice during this time in my life. Without the love and support from all of you, this could not have happened! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  • – A birthmother