Foster Parent Awards

Foster Parent Awards
February 3, 2017 Comments Off on Foster Parent Awards Foster Friday Jennifer Walker


Quarterly, TBH will be honoring foster parents as they were nominated by their case managers. These foster parents are working hard every day for our kids and we want everyone to know about their hearts and how well they take care of these kids.


The Sotomayors have 3 biological children and opened their home to 2 foster boys initially.  These two boys were a very difficult placement for a new family (medical needs, behavior problems), but the Sotomayors have done wonderfully with them. They eventually took a third placement, a little girl.  They would love to take on their foster daughters older sibling if they were allowed to be a group home but the state only lets you have up to 6 kids in the home.  They were very appreciative of all their Christmas gifts and even commented that is was too much when we wanted to send them with more gifts.  The Sotomayors are always very timely with their paperwork, sending weekly progress logs, dropping off receipts, etc. right away and are quick to respond and comply with any requests.


The Paschall family is a newly licensed foster home, but they have shown that they are committed to helping the children placed in their home. They have shown to be very knowledgeable and very much understand trauma and how to handle triggers in an appropriate way. They are very flexible with scheduling and they are very good at submitting paperwork and communicating.

Congratulations and Thank You to both of these families.
We cannot wait to share more amazing families with you next quarter!
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