Foster Parent Awards

Foster Parent Awards
April 21, 2017 Comments Off on Foster Parent Awards Foster Friday,Foster Parent Awards Jennifer Walker

Quarterly, TBH will be honoring foster parents as they were nominated by their case managers. These foster parents are working hard every day for our kids and we want everyone to know about their hearts and how well they take care of these kids.

Mike and Carolyn Dougherty

The Doughertys were licensed in April 2016. Within 24 hours of being licensed, (to ideally take only 2 children) they decided to take a sibling group of 4. The Doughertys have had to handle some very challenging behaviors in that time and have done so with grace and an eager spirit. Not only are they always perfectly on-time with their regular paperwork, they also keep track of renewing trainings without a reminder and communicate with their case manager on a regular basis. The Doughertys are hard-working, diligent, compassionate foster parents who I, as their case manager, am honored to work with each day. The Doughertys are the exemplary model of foster parents who are always selflessly giving to the children in their care. I am excited to see how God continues to use them as foster parents in the future.

Joe and Denise Taylor

The Taylors are awesome!

They are always willing to help others, they love their kids well, they adapt to change well, they seek the best interest of the children in their home and attempt to get siblings together. They are always happy and joyful through difficult situations with kids or life in general. They are also welcoming to anyone and everyone. They follow what they feel the Lord puts on their hearts.They maintain constant contact, ask if they have any questions, they turn EVERYTHING in on time, (progress logs are turned in every week), they look for the well being of the children always, which includes a healthy menu for them and adequate hours of sleep. They also plan recreational activities with the children and reinforce good behaviors.


We are so grateful for all of our foster families. Next month is foster parent appreciation month at TBH. If you know a TBH foster parent, be sure to thank them and feel free to ask them if they need anything for help or support.

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