Foster Parent Awards

Foster Parent Awards
October 23, 2017 Comments Off on Foster Parent Awards Foster Friday,Foster Parent Awards Jennifer Walker

Foster Parent Awards this quarter are going to a couple of great families. We are so thankful for their hearts and their willingness to serve through Foster Care.


The Fishers – They go above and beyond to ensure the best interest of the children in their home whether it’s attending an extra training for a child in their home or getting the children actively involved in recreational activities (hiking, camping, school activities, etc.). They are actively involved in events that take place with TBH. They always turn in paperwork in a timely manner and ensure that they remain up to date on their training’s and other expiring items. They are always welcoming to new children who are placed in their home and work hard to ensure the children in their home are well cared for.

The Wingos have been a consistent foster family with the Bedford office for 5 ½ years.  Larry and Janet have cared for countless children and we can always count on them to provide the very best care for all children, whether foster children or children they provide respite for.  The Wingos enjoy traveling and often take their foster children with them to see new places.  If you pull up to the Wingos’ house, you will likely see everyone outdoors swinging on the swing set, playing outside or swimming in the pool.  They are always uplifting and encouraging staff members. It is evident that the Wingos have a huge heart for children and are “Mimi” and “Pops” to many.

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