A Very Curry Christmas

A Very Curry Christmas
December 20, 2018 No Comments Christmas,Foster Friday Jennifer Walker

Christmas is to me, like everyone, is special. When I am remembering days gone by when we were fostering for TBHC, it was no less special. It all came down to the kids getting up Christmas morning and seeing all the presents. Christmas as foster parents at TBHC is something of a rush.  At Christmas, our kids received many presents.Every child had a bag of gifts just for them. Someone went out and bought gifts just for our kids without knowing their name. Leading up to that big day of presents, TBHC offered a party for the families to come and enjoy themselves and pick up gifts for the kids to open on Christmas morning. It was always hard getting the kids to not ask about the bags of stuff in the back of the care as we were driving home from the party.  Gifts were special to the kids but I knew then and know better now that the financial gifts that were given to TBHC during Christmas took care of us all year long. At the party, there were games, activities, food, and of course Santa Claus. Everyone who came to help were there for the kids. Our kids always had a blast!


Christmas in our house during those days was a great chance for us to tell our kids what Christmas was truly all about. We would gather around the week leading up to Christmas and talk about what God wants for Christmas. The answer was a wonder to our kids. God wants them. This is a truth that we shared night after night. You see after all the presents and all the fuss, our kids were left with the greatest gift knowing that Jesus loved them. Christmas Eve at our church was a great experience no matter how old or young all our kids sat in service to hear the music, kids sermon, and special gospel presentation. My oldest adopted son can barely think of what he got for Christmas all those years ago. But he does remember the experiences.


Thank you for the angel tree gifts and giving to our needs at TBHC at Christmas. Thank you for caring for TBHC kids all year long. God bless and Merry Christmas!


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