The Stanford Family’s Foster Story

The Stanford Family’s Foster Story
March 19, 2019 No Comments Foster Friday Jennifer Walker

How It All Began

We have been fostering with Texas Baptist Home for a little over 2 years now.  Our hearts were drawn to fostering early on in our marriage when we decided to volunteer with children through another children’s home.  Before we knew it, God was planting seeds in our heart to become foster parents.

Through the years, fostering came up now and again, but we had five children of our own and felt that it wasn’t our time to foster.  After our third child was off to college and only two left in the home, we began to discuss fostering again.  Originally, we thought we would focus on respite care/babysitting, thereby ministering to children as well as the foster families in which they lived.  Double Blessing, right!!??  Our two youngest daughters were excited about bringing children into our home that they could love on, so, as they say: Game On!!

We began by focusing on respite care/babysitting for about 6 months, helping out foster homes that needed time away or had funerals or weddings to attend.  It was a double blessing and a learning experience as well.  But, as soon as our home was cleared and we began getting calls about children that needed a home, we just couldn’t refuse.

Our First Placement

Our first placement was a beautiful 1 yr old boy.  The most bittersweet moment for us in the fostering process was, after 14 months in our home, we took him to the airport to meet his mother as they headed off to Brazil to start a new life in her home country.  We have had 10 children in our home over the past couple of years, the shortest stay being a 3 day weekend. Presently, we have a 5 yr old girl and 2 month old boy.

It is an unspeakable blessing to be able to get to know and love these children that come to stay with us, at the same time feeling that we are fulfilling a calling from God in our lives.  We have met numerous incredible foster families through this process with whom we share our lives and our experiences, and the friendships we have made are irreplaceable.

Our Agency

TBHC has been incredibly important to our family through this process.  The support that they give during placements, financial support, respite care needs, medical issues, or anything that might come our way has been not only a huge blessing, but a great stress relief as well!

We could not be more thankful to those who donate to TBHC, without whom much of this help and support might not be available.  You are the ones that show that although not everyone is able to open their home, everyone can play a part in the foster system and play an important role in the lives of these wonderful children!


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