4 Things to Know About Foster Care

4 Things to Know About Foster Care
May 31, 2019 No Comments Foster Friday Jennifer Walker

May is foster care awareness month. This month, TBHC asked our case managers what people should know about foster care. Here are the top 4 things they wanted you to know about foster care at TBHC.


Expectations play a large role in the foster care and the foster to adopt journey. One case manager states, “The foster families that I see who are successful know how to manage their expectations. A big part of the pre-service process (before you are a foster parent) should be taking stock of your own emotions, reasons for wanting to be a foster family, and how close your expectations are to reality.”

At TBHC we strive to work through any expectations so that families will be set up for success and the children they care for will have that equal opportunity.

Case Managers are for the Families and for the Kids.

At TBHC, the foster case manager is the case manager for the families and the children. “We can be on two teams at once,” as one case manager puts it. At TBHC we advocate for our families as well as our children even when the opinions are different. Case managers are advocates for both the child and the foster families’ best interests.

Foster Kids Have Experienced Trauma.

One case manager states, “There are no basic kids. Each kid has their own hang ups and will need guidance and grace and mercy as Jesus has shown us to get through this tough time for them no matter how old they are.” Our kids have come to TBHC because of some form of abuse or neglect. Because of this, many will be processing and coping. It is our job at TBHC to help the kids with providing the best families and training for the families as well as great therapy for the kids.

Foster Care is Restorative Care.

One case manager said, “foster care is a restorative system – we believe that God is in the business of redemption and that is our hope for every child and family we encounter. We don’t do foster care to create perfect families; rather, we do foster care to create space for God’s mercy and love to transform lives. “

At TBHC, we pray for our families, kids, and case managers who are all doing their part in the foster care system. We ask that you pray for us as we are a part of what God is doing in the lives of the families and children in foster care.

If you want to learn more about foster care and how you can get involved, contact us today.


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