Myths and Facts about Adoption

Myths and Facts about Adoption
June 17, 2016 admin

Myth: Birth parents who care about their child will never place them for adoption.

Fact: Birth parents who make adoptions plans are really loving, caring individuals.  Allowing your child to be born, rather than choosing abortion is a loving choice.


Myth: A birth parent will never know anything about their child and their adoptive parents in the following years.

Fact: Open adoption has changed that.  Now birth families can select the child’s adoptive family, meet the adoptive family, receive on-going information about the child, receive pictures on a regular basis and, in some cases, have visits.


Myth: Adoption is an irresponsible solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Fact: Parenting is an irresponsible choice when it is hard for you to place the needs of your child before your own. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you will be a good parent.  And even if you’re not ready to be a parent now, you are still a good person and may be a wonderful parent when you are older or more financially secure.


Myth: A birth parent will eventually forget about the child that they relinquished.

Fact: If a birth family makes an adoption plan, they will never forget.  They will not want to forget.  What they will do is continue on with their life without being emotionally crippled by their loss.  When they do remember, they will remember that they made the most loving, mature and selfless decision possible.


Myth: All adopted children will grow up to have serious psychological problems.

Fact: Studies show that adopted and non-adopted children are not different in adjustment, delinquency or mental health. Adopted teenagers are as emotionally stable as non-adopted teenagers.  Adopted individuals do not have more family problems than non-adopted people.


Myth: Birth parents will have serious emotional problems if they relinquish their child.

Fact: Will they grieve? Yes.  Will they have serious emotional problems?  Not if they deal with the grief in a supportive, loving environment.  Do not mistake grief for mental health problems.


Myth: No one can love a child as much as a birth mother or birth father does.

Fact: Adoptive parents can love their child as fully and selflessly as biological parents can.