Foster Care

Foster Care
June 17, 2016 admin

A Commitment of Love

Foster Care arranges substitute family care for children and youth needing temporary placement outside of their homes.foster care

The Texas Baptist Home is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) and OCOK as a Child Placing Agency. It provides both basic and therapeutic foster care for boys and girls of all ages. We currently only work with foster care in Region 3 and 3b (DFW area). We have 2 offices to better serve families and children in these areas: Bedford and Waxahachie.

We contract services of levels of care for Basic, Moderate, Specialized, and Intensive children with TDFPS and Juvenile Probation.

To get started with our TBH Foster Care program, you need to complete the inquiry form.

Every new family will have to complete an orientation meeting, TBH training hours, TBH Paperwork requirements, and a TBH home study. All of the information about this process is presented at our orientation meeting.

Some of the main requirements for families to start the TBH foster care program are listed below:

  • Emotionally Stable
    Be at least 21
  • Depending on the age of the child cannot be over 50 for adoption (Usually of an infant)
  • Be Single, Married, Divorced or Widowed (have to be fully one of those)
  • If married, married for at least 2 years
  • No major life changes in the past year (Discuss this with recruiter)
  • Physically Stable
  • Drug Screen everyone in house over 18
  • TB Test for everyone in house over 1 year
  • Physical for all household members
  • Financially Stable
    • Tax Returns
    • Credit Reports
    • Check Stubs
  • Agree to non-physical discipline policy
  • Home requirements
  • Fire and Health Inspection
  • No Trampolines
  • Lock up Weapons and Medicines
  • Have adequate sleeping space
    • 80 sq. ft. minimum room size
    • 40 sq. ft. per child
    • 4 kids max in a room
  • Maintain the correct ratio of parents to children. One parent to 6 children (depending on age other criteria)
  • Complete 8 Hours of Observation Information given at TBH Training
  • A Positive Home Study- every member of the household is interviewed with a trained and approved home study writer.
  • All families will need to be open to 2 or more placements for either foster care or adoption
  • Families wanting to adopt children ages 0-5 need to start with our foster to adopt program.
  • Families wanting straight adopt only, need to be open to children at least to age 8.
  • Any Concerns with the requirements please discuss them with your recruiter.

Next Step:

  • Email Jennifer Walker to learn more
  • Attend Pre-Service Training-Weekend Style Training: Thursday Night, Friday Night, full day Saturday and Sunday Afternoon
  • Submit Paperwork- given by Texas Baptist Home for Children

Trainings for foster care are held almost every month. Our training is a weekend style class. They are held at TBH offices and church connections around the DFW area. Please email or submit an inquiry form for dates and times.